Can you offer lower rates?

We are an Independent Broker who specializes in your industry. We shop and compare for the best rates by requesting a quote from all available companies that will accept your type of company/organization.

How do I choose your agency for better service?

You as the insured have the right to choose the agent you want to be serviced by. Most reputable insurance companies will allow you to choose us as your agent on even existing insurance with a your signed letter; we will provide the letter for you.

How do I know the insurance company is strong?

Insurance companies are rated based on size and strength of their financial information. The highest rating is an A++, with A+, A. and A- being the next highest accordingly.

What do I need to send to your agency for quote?

You need to obtain up to 4 years of loss history in writing from your current and past insurance companies. You can get this directly from the past insurance companies or from your past brokers. Your current coverage information found in your insurance policy. Our fax number is 1.951.609.1533.

How soon can I get a quote?

This depends on the type of company/facility/organization. Some we can quote the same day. Some may take 3-5 weeks with applications completed.
Some insurance companies have the technology available for quick quotes. Most quotes are reviewed and underwritten by an experienced person at the insurance company; this person receives a large volume of quotes on a daily basis, and your application is handled in the order it is received.

When should I request a quote?

Getting to know us early is best. We recommend you start preparing about 3 to 4 months prior to your renewal date. We can help you to compare the exact differences.

How do I contact you?

By email clients@newsfi.com , by phone 1.888.770.6397,, by FAX at 951.609.1533,or online, under “contact us”.

How can I see a News Financial & Insurance Representative in person?

Our agents can fly or drive to your town and meet with you and someone you know in person for an insurance review.

“Submission Requirements.” What must I send to for a Quote? For Business Insurance

Contact us for a Insurance Application specific to your Business, or Needs by contacting us at 1.951.609.1500, or clients@newsfi.com
You can fax us information to fax # 1.951.609.1533